Wine List

Style Guide

White and Rose 1=Dry 9=Sweet

Red A=Light E=Full Bodied 


White Wine

Vina Oria Macabeo (Spain) (2) 75cl bottle £12.95/125ml £3.50/175ml £3.75

Ca Solare Pinot Grigio (Italy) (2) 75cl bottle £14.95/125ml £3.70/175ml £3.95

Nika Tiki Sauvignon Blanc (New Zealand) (1) 75cl bottle £17.95/125ml £3.95/175ml £4.50

Silver Creek Viognier (Australia) (2) 75cl bottle £14.95

Unruly Chardonnay (Italy) (2) 75cl bottle £19.95


Rose Wine

Vina Oria Rose (Spain) (2) 75cl bottle £12.95/125ml £3.50/175ml £3.75

Foxcover White Zinfandel (California (5) 75cl bottle £14.95/125ml £3.70/£175ml £3.95


Red Wine

Vina Oria Tempranillo (Spain) (C) 75cl bottle £12.95/125ml £3.50/£175ml £3.75

Silver Creek Shiraz Viognier (Australia) (C) 75cl bottle £14.95/125ml £3.70/£175ml £3.95

Pato Torrente Merlot (Chile) (C) 75cl bottle £15.95/125ml £3.95/£175ml £4.35

Freedom Cross Pinotage (South Africa) (D) 75cl bottle £16.95

Las Pampas Malbec (Argentina) (D) 75cl bottle £18.95

Chateau Malbat Claret (France) (D) 75cl bottle £19.95


Sparkling and Champagne

Abbazia Collio Prosecco (Italy) (2) 75cl bottle £14.95/125ml £3.95

Vetriano Pinot Grigio Rose Brut (Italy) (2) 75cl bottle £16.95

H. Blin Brut NV Champagne (1) 75cl bottle £37.50